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siraxolotl: The fucking penalties these past two games 

During my break, i watched 15mins of the game & out of those 15mins, i noticed that Ref were completely giving thr game away to the Cardinals. That “Helmet to helmet” call was bull! It was obviously helmet to shoulder on the QB. Complete BS, Justin Smith was firee up on that call too.

sunnyjugs: Where were you today for live blogging !! I missed it!!!!! Today was a shit game too 

Had work all day yesterday so i wasnt able to post, i posted a post about it throughout the week, ill make it more noticable next time.

& yeah, heard it was a sucky game. Still have it in my DVR, so ill watch it soon & post my thoughts on it later.

essdiddy: No Play By Play Today? Im On The East All I Get To See Is The Sappy Ass Redskinz 

No there wasn’t. Sorry, i posted last week that i wasnt able to do a liveblogging this week because i had work. Should have reblogged that post more often, but yeah. Sorry about that, ill make it more noticiable next time.

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